Below is a list of other organizations that we have partnered with, supported and/or believe they have similar interests.

National Down Syndrome Society

Reece's Rainbows

Eagle Mount

Other Resources

NEW Parent Resources
  • A welcome basket containing a variety of brochures, books, gift cards and contact information to help you get started on your new (challenging but rewarding) journey.
  • A one-on-one meeting with a YES Kids family to help go over general questions and get you connected with other support specialists and services.

Financial Assistance
YES Kids receives generous donations from sponsors and individuals to be able to help provide financial support to families in need through our financial assistance program.  Our goal is to be able to provide for families that may not qualify for other services or programs and be able to offer assistance in a timely manner.  Below is a list of areas were our programs help families. Please contact us if you have a need not listed below.

  • Medical - Support given to help families who's child is going through medical procedures due to specific needs deemed necessary by medical professionals. 
  • Equipment - Support given for specialized or basic equipment that would benefit the individual or family including eye glasses, computer equipment, support braces, etc.
  • Educational - Support given to individuals and families to help with educational needs and programs that enrich their development.
  • Recreational - Support given to families to help with the costs of recreational programs including music classes, specialized camps, etc.

Resource Library
YES Kids has developed a constantly growing multimedia resource library that allow families to borrow books, DVD's, etc. to help provide a variety educational and support materials at no cost to families.  Click Here for a list of available materials.

Special Networking Events
Throughout the year YES Kids will host or support a variety of social networking events.  These events are a great way to meet new and experienced families that have been touched by a loved one that is "extra" special! Below are events that YES Kids invites you to attend.

  • Billings Buddy Walk- A local walk done in the fall that is part of a national program through theNational Down Syndrome Society (NDSS) that helps raise awareness and support for Down Syndrome. This is our main fundraising event and it is AWESOME! To find out more information visit the "Buddy Walk" tab above.
  • Christmas Party - Join us as families get together for fun Christmas festivities including dinner and a visit from Santa Claus with presents!
  • World Down Syndrome Awareness Day - 2012 was the first year the that the United Nations observed this celebration. Join us every 3/21 for a great time!      
  • Summer Party - Its summer time and you know what that means... BBQ season!!! Join us as we get together and get our grill on or while having some fun in the sun.

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